Albany New Business Generation

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Want to become an Albany NBG member?

  1. Read the Albany NBG Bylaws
  2. Sign the Guest List at a weekly meeting
  3. Have one FREE breakfast with the champions of NBG
  4. Read the “Welcome Guest” letter
  5. Submit Membership Proposal with Dues
  6. Attend a 15-minute Orientation
  7. Receive NBG Board approval
  8. Place your Business Cards in the card rack
  9. Prepare to network with champions of business

Have Breakfast with Champions!
7:30am every Wednesday morning f
ind us at American Legion!

Our Mission

To promote business and referrals within the Willamette Valley.


  • A business may apply for membership for no more than one category.  It must be a legitimate business endeavor and must not conflict with another member’s business.

  • There shall be only one business per business category.

  • A prospective member shall be allowed to attend two regular meetings before submitting an application. However, membership shall be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.