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Homegrown Oregon Foods
Shawna Turkins-Dugger
229 4th Ave SE, Albany, OR 97321
Office: 541.971.7174

 At Homegrown Oregon we are here to help you! Whether you need help adjusting to a new eating plan, remedying a digestive issue or if you are just to busy to properly prep and plan your meals, we can do it for you. Meals are all $10 ~perfectly portioned, cooked and delivered right to your door.

We are obsessed with all things fermented! Consuming Kombucha, Kefir and Kraut on the daily has changed my life! Seriously. ​All of our ferments and cultured foods are made in the “Homebrewed Style” of fermentation, which means they are still loaded with tons of vitamin rich probiotic goodness. Many mombuchas have been processed or pasturized to maintain shelf life and in that process microbes are lost. At Homegrown Oregon we culture our ferments by hand with love daily and use the best available quality ingredients. We use Organic ingredients! Our ferments are live and raw!